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Frequently Asked Question!

What is the Cause?

The cause is a love for the planet Earth.  For a hope that change can occur so humanity can continue to exist on the planet for centuries to come.  That life in space and on Mars does not become the only reality for continuation of existence due to destruction of the only precious solitary and singular planet known to allow life to exist in the entire universe!

How can I get Involved?

By coming by the retail location in person.  

By becoming a contributor to Non-Profit.

The Environmentalists.  Visit 

By providing links, shares, tags on social media.  #BeEnvironmentalistic

What is the Purpose?

To speak for Nature.  To be an outlet for those who want to be part of the solution.  To create awareness for the magnificent blue planet.

What are the Goals?

To see reduction to the accelerated and seemingly unconcerning unsustainable path that humanity worldwide is on.

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